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Guide for Precious Metal Investing

According to history, precious metals are good instruments of hedging against inflation. As an investor, precious metal investing are an excellent way of protecting your portfolio as well as safeguarding investment money because precious metals grow even in hard economic times and are more stable investments as opposed to bonds and stocks. It is worth noting that investment in precious metals narrows down into three primary metals; Platinum, gold and silver.

Gold CoinsGold

Gold is bought in the form of coins, bars or bullion. It is considered a wise investment for diversifying your portfolio because gold-related and gold stocks normally rise during recession. To minimize losses from stocks market down movement, it is safer to dedicate a bigger percentage of the value of your portfolio to gold. However, this should be done gradually gains of gold stocks are lower that of an ordinary healthy stock. Although you should always have them in your portfolio to minimize overall risk always consider shifting back after recession is gone. Historically, gold coins are wonderful investment because they are rare as well as their weight. You can buy or sell gold coins at online specialty stores. Depending on weight and size you are sure to fetch thousands of dollars once you auction them. Such stores and precious metals brokers include eBay. If you’re seriously considering gold, open your gold ira account or ira rollover today.


Silver also comes in the form of coins, bars and bullion and is a worthy investment to add to your portfolio. Silver is not as rare as gold implying it is relatively cheaper than gold. Given that its price is very affordable and stable, you have every reason to add silver stocks in your portfolio to minimize overall portfolio risk. You can purchase silver from brokers of precious metals or coins stores now available online. Price ranges depending on the broker’s terms and conditions. Always shop around before buying or selling to get the best deal.


Buy platinum to further diversify your portfolio. For purposes of investment, gold is the most expensive. Since it is very rare to find, a unit ounce of silver will cost you around $1300 in the market. Silver and platinum metals are similar in color but platinum is heavier and mostly used in high-end jewelry. You can purchase American platinum Eagle and platinum coins from online coins shops and precious metals brokers. It is a worthy investment given their value and significance.

In conclusion, precious metal investing can be the most prudent decision especially at times of recession and inflation as well as a way of increasing your portfolio diversification and ultimately minimizing your overall portfolio risk.

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